Road Freight

Road freight is one of the most common of all modes of transportation and is a versatile option today, well-suited to many needs. At Guy, leonard & Co Limited we offer all kinds of national and international road transport.

Among the advantages of road transport are its speed for short and medium distances, its flexibility and door-to-door service. It does not take long to get the logistics of road transport underway as they can be easily adapted to the requirements of a specific route and cargo while still offering a very competitive price. At Guy, Leonard & Co Limited we transport complete cargoes of any kind of freight, with savings in both time and costs. Thanks to our own truck fleet and a solid network of associates, we can offer you an efficient and streamlined road freight transport service.

It is widely used in continents such as Europe, Africa, and North America. The single customs document process provides a seamless movement of goods even across various states and countries.

However, truck transport is limited somewhat as to what it can carry by the size of the vehicles used and by size and weight restrictions. Another limitation is that it is affected by weather, road conditions and traffic.


Within road freight transport, a number of variables come into play depending on the kind of cargo to be transported. Different types of goods require different kinds of care for their handling, loading and unloading, and stowage in the truck.

Thanks to our expert knowledge of the special care required by each type of freight, at Guy, Leonard & Co Limited we specialise in all kinds of cargoes.

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